Sponsor the 17:10 Market

2023 Market Forecast

  • 45-50 local makers and growers
  • Activities for families, including a petting zoo, campfires, face painting
  • 10+ food vendors
  • Several thousand attendees

Because 17:10 Market is a labor of love for local makers and the community, we rely on sponsors to help us cover many of our expenses. This allows us to keep our fees extremely reasonable for our participants.


Your generous donation helps inspire local small businesses, giving them a chance to interact face-to-face with our community. You can choose to cover a specific need from the list below or donate a dollar amount of your choosing.

$1,150 Left

Local Advertising

In the weeks leading up to the market, we get the word out by placing posters and signs around the community as well as investing in targeted social media ads and photography.

Partially sponsored by Pipes Insurance Service, First Federal Community Bank, Mt Hope Fence, Beeline Transfer & Beautify Handyman

Petting Zoo

One of the family activities is a petting zoo, which has been a huge hit at our last two markets.


Bathroom Trailer & Handwashing Stations

Miller Portables gives us a generous discount on a bathroom trailer and handwashing stations. We also rent an extra handwashing station to put near the petting zoo.

Partially sponsored by Miller Portables

17:10 Merch

We provide apparel for the staff and volunteers in addition to selling a small quantity at the market to cover offset of other event costs.

Sponsored by Schlabach Printers

How do we recognize sponsors?

Signs at the market

18"x24" signs are placed around the market recognizing each of our sponsors. Typically, each sponsored “item” gets a sign. (i.e. fire pit sponsors on a sign by the fire pits, tent sponsors on a sign outside a tent entrance, etc.)

Our website

Sponsors are listed on our website homepage and sponsor page.